I lose hope when I spend too much time reading the news. I despair of mankind living in peace and harmony. I despair of the world we are leaving our grandchildren.

I gain hope and confidence when I turn off the news. I walk outside and see a world bigger than our differences. My spirits lift and soar when I walk among people and the warmth of their smiles refreshes me. My heart laughs when I hear kids and adults laugh, kids because they have an innocent laugh, adults because they have a hopeful laugh.

There will always be evil in this world, there will always be those who encourage evil in this world. There are those who are enriched by spreading bad news.

If a thing makes you happy, pursue it with all your heart.
If a thing makes you sad, turn away and seek the things that make you happy.

Of the hundreds of apples in an apple tree, there is always one spoiled by a worm.

Reach for the good.

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