Café of Nerves

In the café, two tables away sat the woman
Of my dreams, occupied reading a book;
Silhouette in black, turning dog-eared leaves;
I noted the dip of Cupid’s Bow,
The gentle curve of her nose;
The graceful line of her neck made
My pulse beat double-quick;
Leaning in, one elbow on the table,
She lifted her coffee cup.

I felt his eyes as I sipped my coffee;
I’ve felt men look me over often enough,
Then checking the bulge in their wallets
To see if I’m worth the trouble;
Some take the ring from their finger,
Some moisten their lips with their tongue;
Invariably, I’m left disappointed,
Disgusted, turned off, nauseated;
But I couldn’t stop myself glancing at him,
And then I couldn’t help smiling.

When she pressed her lips to the cup,
Her eyes met mine for a moment that
Burned itself into my mind;
She blinked and her cheeks turned red;
I looked away as mine turned red too;
But I glanced back which is something
I just couldn’t help doing;
Her eyes rested on mine for a moment
Before a brief smile caressed her red lips.

I blushed for a reason: I was pleased
It was my eyes he looked at, not otherwise;
It was that thought that colored my cheeks,
The thought where I think he isn’t looking
At me as a trinket, a toy, or a prize, but as
Someone with whom to share time, to walk
With and laugh with, to talk with;
I could see it in his eyes; I hoped
He would come and sit with me.

My heart leaped, my pulse raced, my eyes
Welled with tears I couldn’t stop; Embarrassed,
I turned my head and brushed a cloth nonchalantly
Over my face; what’s come over me, I thought,
I’m not some schoolboy on a first date. But my
Heart wouldn’t slow or my pulse stop racing and I
Knew I had better do something. I tugged at my
Collar and wiped my brow. I stood but hesitated,
I hope she lets me sit with her.

2 thoughts on “Café of Nerves

  1. Clever title, Will;-) Incredible talent you possess with writing about falling IN love and OUT of love. I sigh when reading your work about romance and tense up while reading about broken love.

    Liked by 1 person

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