Windswept Serotonin, from Emergency Wine

Delightful! The only word to describe this essay from Emergency Wine. I know the feeling of being intimate with the top of my feet. I also know how liberating and free it is to look up and notice the beautiful world around me. Life beats us down occasionally and sets the weight of the world on our shoulders. When that happens, it’s as if all we can bear is the sight of our feet because the world has become too much to look at. When the weight falls away though, the heart leaps with joy as we lift our heads and feel the sun on our faces. It’s like night and day. Enjoy!


My view of the world is usually that of the top of my feet. It’s the only thing you really see when you’re always looking at the ground. When my head is hung low streets and sidewalks blend into the same long drudging path. At least I can always see when I need new shoes.

The things I see around my feet change from time to time. Sometimes my feet have snow drifting around them, sometimes dried up leaves get caught against them in a cold breeze. Today my feet have grass clippings playfully licking at the sides of my shoes as they move on by.

I smell the air and drink in the aroma of fresh cut grass. It must be spring again. Soon I will get to see flowers around my feet. The thought of small spring buds popping up brings a tiny smirk to my mouth. This makes my entire face wince with pain, since my lips haven’t moved like that in quite some time.

The wind keeps swirling grass around and I can feel it start moving higher. I haven’t felt anything above my ankles in so long that I’m taken aback. The wind continues to wrap my shins and calfs in a warm blanket while creeping upwards. The warmth caresses my thighs and moves up to my hips like a lover’s touch. I pause in amazement, is this really happening? Am I really feeling something again? The wind pulls itself up the rest of my body and feels like a knitted sweater that was crafted by my grandmother’s love.

The breeze spirals around my head, blowing my hair along with it. “Look up” it whispers, “Look up and greet the new day.” The weight of my mind’s thoughts has held down my head for so long that I can’t remember how to lift it up. I close my eyes tightly and pray that the wind will show me how to hold my face to the sky. “Look up. Look up and return to the world.” I feel a warm gentle brush under my chin. I close my eyes tighter and ball up my fists. Please guide me wind, please show me the world again.

A sudden gust blows from underneath me and raises to the sky. My hair and clothing get blown straight up as my head is thrown back. My eyes fly open to an infinite sea of clear blue, dotted with soft cotton ball clouds. I slowly bring my view back to earth. I see green fields and passing cars. I see birds sitting on power lines. I see leaves on trees and people moving to and for, on their way to no where in particular.

A gentleman passes whose skin is wrinkled with wisdom. Lines crinkle around his eyes as he smiles. I smile back, openly and freely without the pain. I touch my face in disbelief. I’m smiling! My face remembers! My body remembers! I remember! I remember hope and joy and love. I remember everything. The winds of change have brought me back to life and I am humbled by their gift. I move forward into a brighter world and never look at me feet again.

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