Leave Something Behind – Poetry by Will

Erased by an impetuous sea,
Jealous, I think, of my temerity
in leaving behind
an imprint of me

Stone fabric, cold, incurvated;
A chase, the sun, a hand,
Symbols, signs, epitaphs
that cry
I Was Here, Remember Me

The wind, the stars, the sea,
Inked on the space that surrounds me;
Permanence that comes with death,
Not that bodily death is not permanent,
Just so, but my spirit yearns, nay aches
to live on in memory of me

Not just a symbol, a sign, an epitaph,
Footsteps in stone are but curiosities
three million years hence:
“Lucy walked here” but who was Lucy?

On a craggy eminence overlooking the sea, as
the brusque wind blew salt upon my lips
and the fragrant stink of seaweed filled my nostrils
amid the cry of seagulls overhead,
I contemplated in the warmth of the sun,
As I gripped, knuckles-white, Earth’s rocky permanence,
The message that I read with all my senses:
Remember me

My own symbols are signs and epitaphs
laid out for you to read;
My hopes and dreams, my fears and loves
cry out thatΒ I must leave something behind.

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