You left me in darkness when you went away. Even now, light dims when I think of you. I’m left with the nearly eternal absence of light because my thoughts are of you between the dawn and dusk of day. I am most alive when I dream of you for dreams are of what we were and what we should have been. The sun rises and shares its light with the living but light doesn’t reach that part of the soul that resides in non-life. Non-life and life are linked by a tenuous tendril of joy that ebbs and flows with the memory of that time our lives were interwoven like the ribbon of life.

Love nourishes the soul as it lifts the heart and two loves nourish two souls as two hearts are lifted as one. You wrapped yourself around me and I around you and we loved as with one heart. Our eyes met as though they always met without turning to meet the other’s. Our thoughts were of one another and when we spoke we spoke as one. Love is mutual and cannot exist without the love of the other. A broken heart is sad, hurt, grieving; a pining heart is hopeful, yearning, desiring. The love between us existed the instant each understood the other’s heart.

That love is once removed, barred by the moist breath between us. I know you are there, I feel your warmth on my palm. I hear your heartbeat in my ear. Your voice is faint and I cannot make out your words. I hear you crying, but my fingers cannot reach your tears to brush them away. My reflection mingles with your shadowed image. For a moment I see myself through your eyes. You are with me still; I see you in the lines that crease my forehead, the crow’s feet at the corners of my eyes, the gray that shades my temples. I have grown old with you though I have not touched you since I was your age.

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      1. I sure hope so. Haha. But thank you so mucb for believing in me, Will. Eversince I started posting blogs, you’ve been very supportive.

        Anyway, I posted a new blog and I hope you could participate. Cheers! 😊

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