Tell Me

Touch me
Touch me

Thrill my soul
Thrill my soul

Sing a song upon my tongue
Whisper words into my lungs

Fill my longing heart with the romance
of your dreams

Sing the words you yearn to share
Sing the words and take me to the
place you cry your tears.

Give me
Give me

Hear my plea
Hear my plea

Hum my song upon your lips
Let my music move your hips

Let our melody of kinship fill your breast
and calm your fears

Building dams may stem the flood, but dams
too often fall

Spill your guts and scratch the quill
Let the peace of courage be your fill
Write me of the heart you long to love.

13 thoughts on “Tell Me

  1. I wish I could hear words like these in real life. At least, I think I do….So incredibly beautiful.
    “Let the peace of courage be your fill
    Write me of the heart you long to love.”

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      1. hahaha. We should really learn how to play music instruments while we were young. I took piano lessons while in 3rd and 4th grade but had to stop. Dad wanted me to concentrate on my school work instead. I always want to have a piano at home and take lessons again.

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