Thank The Living Souls

And lost souls, too We mustn’t forget them Sun marches across the sky Leaves behind another day Poppies waving gently In red dotted field Poppy red, dead red Black soil, sweet soil The wagon rolls on Boots reversed in stirrups Taps and gun salute Widow hugs the flag Somewhere, sometime, Someone remembers them The silver drop cleanses Refreshes them to mind Memory returns an image … Continue reading Thank The Living Souls

The Melody Of Your Soul

Originally posted on Writers Envy:
I read music in your eyes, Delicate chorale filled your voice, The melody of your soul, Breathed hymn into my life; Each movement measured note by note, Dancing fingers played across my keys, ‘Twas not a symphony filled the silence, But a quartet caressing strings; Hosannas rose into the night, Angelic host proclaimed, Cantata filled my ears, Notes kissed me… Continue reading The Melody Of Your Soul

Silence is Golden

I once read a book that opened with the main character, a twentieth century man, finding himself thrust into ninth century Europe. Once he regained his orientation and realized there was no place to go for a stiff drink, he took stock of his surroundings. One of the first peculiarities he noticed was the absence of noise. Not the absence of birds chirping, crickets buzzing, … Continue reading Silence is Golden