177 Over 88

Blackest before dawn
Off the cuff, tally the score
Dead men tell no tales

4 thoughts on “177 Over 88

  1. Do you have that blood pressure reading? I hope not. I’m not a nurse but my husband’s caregiver and take his blood pressure every night before his dialysis so I know the score.

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    1. I did Tuesday night when I went to Urgent Care for poison ivy. It’s always high when I go to the doctor, but I was nervous about the poison ivy rash and was stressing. My norm is 128-132 over 80.


  2. I don’t know my numbers offhand (just that I’ve always been good), but a new doc tried to put me on BP meds based on my check-in numbers. I assured him that he’d have my numbers if he had the morning I did and the uncertain test results I was sent to him for. I convinced him to retake my BP before check out, and it was perfectly fine again.

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    1. I was nervous the poison ivy could be something worse (my imagination took off), so that accounted for the extremely high numbers. My BP is always elevated by the white coat. I take my BP at home; it was back to normal the next day (128-132/78-84). It even dropped to 118 on Saturday.

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