The Frog and the Granite Shore, Part V

Walked I now upon concrete path in town,
Crisscrossed here and there with poles of brown,
Wires black, and stacks that belched like clowns;
Buildings dark and squat gave good Earth an ugly frown;
People passed, eyes avert, unsmiling, looking down;
I felt no joy on the concrete path in town.

Upon hard bench I sat, no music thrilled the air,
No child’s laugh or lovers’ sigh, no, nothing, nothing fair,
No flowers bright or sparrow’s song, all had flown from there;
I pondered as I sat, sorrowed by man’s life, threadbare
Of God’s delights and starry nights, excitement, wonder, dare;
Oh, how I longed for frog and granite shore, and music to thrill the air.

8 thoughts on “The Frog and the Granite Shore, Part V

  1. I really like what you did with the photos and text. Very effective for contrasting the two worlds your words described. I’m asking myself, “What was the environmental cost of the things in my shopping cart? Is it really worth it?”

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    1. Thank you, John. I’m not a tree-hugger in any sense, but I’m very aware of the damage we’ve done to our environment and the impact it has on our quality of life. I see litter even on the tops of mountains I climb and the remote lakes I visit in Maine. It’s sad. I don’t dwell on it, but I always take a bag with me to collect the garbage I find along hiking trails.

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