It’s Curious

I bared my heart
When you closed yours
I’d hoped to make amends

For all the times
I stood by you
You stood apart from me

For all the words
You didn’t say
I heard those words so plain

For all the love
You didn’t share
I shared my heart alone

It’s a curious way
To be in love
When love has passed you by

I turned to you
When you looked away
And turned away from me

And all the things
I gave to you
You threw back at me

When all the time
I craved your touch
Your heart craved not mine

When all the love
I gave to you
Was all the love I had

It’s a curious way
To treat the heart
That loved the heart I loved

18 thoughts on “It’s Curious

  1. I’m actually quite fascinated with all that is going on here in the crafting of what appears to be simple words. It’s really quite wonderfully complex to me. I’ve read it several times for that reason, enjoying each layer, each manipulation of opposites and extensions. I felt the 3rd stanza the most, for sure: ouch.

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