Let Someone Else

 I know I should help
 But lets wait and see
 Maybe someone
 Will do it for me
 This couch is so soft
 I’m not going to move
 I did my part
 In the voting booth
 If there’s a war on
 They’ll fight it for me
 I’m on their side
 Just let me be
 I read the news
 I know what’s going on
 I pray from my pew
 What more need I do

 I’m getting too old
 I’m too far away
 I’ve got things to do
 It’s not a good day
 I’ll send you a check
 I’ll buy a new flag
 Send me an email
 I’ll subscribe to your rag

 It’s a big country
 Millions out there
 Among those like you
 A few of them care
 Enough to rise up
 And carry a sign
 Others like you
 Sit back and whine

 I read in the news
 A young man is deceased
 While marching against
 People with a hate disease
 It’s sad news indeed
 It’s come down to this
 He exercised speech
 Was shot in the head

 My beer is still cold
 I’m thinking too hard
 I’m getting too old
 I just washed my car
 It looks like rain
 The grass needs a mow
 What do you know
 They said it may snow

Image from: https://static.abcotvs.com/wpvi/images/cms/AP_20111624494253.jpg

17 thoughts on “Let Someone Else

    1. Yes it is. I don’t think human nature has changed much over the years. There have always been those who take action and those who stay home. In most cases, it’s only when one feels immediate life-threatening danger that they’ll take action or when they are pulled along by others who see the danger early on.

      The poem is my response to recent events involving our presidential election. If we can’t be truly certain our elections are honest and secure, then we’ve lost, or are losing, the democracy we based our Constitution on. Millions of Americans feel the election was fraud-ridden and corrupt. The match has been lit by the ones who take action; it remains to be seen if enough of the millions can be pulled along to set off the powder keg.

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