Tinnitus is a Bitch

You harridan, you, you hissing witch Photo Credit: Will Pennington Oh you harridan, you hissing hagyour constant kvetching connivesto wither worry wear my nervesignobly ignoring the pain yourpurple preying pollution playsupon my brain while stealthilystealing my sanity A snake awakes to hiss alarm towarn away a wandering arm or handor leg and only bites in fear of fatefuldeed, but you you harridan youhissing hag you … Continue reading Tinnitus is a Bitch

Present is Prologue, Let the Past Die

Photo Credit: Will Pennington I shape my memories after the fact to fit the narrative I desire Why waste time looking back at moments I’d rather forget when Present wears the face of Future I keep my Past in the dark unsuspecting of my intent The moment I exist is Present, but Past is its new reality, each moment pushing Past, which is but a … Continue reading Present is Prologue, Let the Past Die

Father Time Comes Knocking (Don’t make Eye Contact)

Photo Credit: Will Pennington. Lake Moxie. The Forks, Maine. Inspired by a writer friend’s post about her 50’s being the cruelest decade – loss of old friends to sickness, Alzheimer’s, aging poorly, giving up, and to my own recent loss of two friends from my childhood church, one 12 years younger than I, one 12 years older. Time knows no Master. Time was, is, and … Continue reading Father Time Comes Knocking (Don’t make Eye Contact)

The Fallen Spring Anew

Photo Credit: Pixabay Crisscrossing lines and frenzied edges web-faced leaves sap weak appendages fading glory amid crinkled sparkle cheeky gleam recalls the marvel of the sprouting when the seedling grew from dark moist soil nourished, renew anew another pass again among the rest and ring upon ring on ring ring on and on and the circle grew and grew and with the growth of bark … Continue reading The Fallen Spring Anew

Life Sucks…May I Have a Glass of Whine?

Well….. You….. Live in El Dorado And your pocket’s full of gold You live a life of ease and peace of mind You pay the taxman whining And you cuss at the TV Your favorite singer’s twerking While you quaff your pale ale Your lobster bisque is tepid And the ice in your tea melted Well….. Your….. World crashed around you Your day is beyond … Continue reading Life Sucks…May I Have a Glass of Whine?


Riddled through with eyes Dogs my furtive footsteps Creeps my sweating skin Turns me round and around Though, unseen, I think, by any, Or, maybe seen, perhaps, Yet does my anxious mind See shadows in the dark Concealment is my friend My prison too, at that Hidden from prying eyes But nervous of surprise Too fearful to confront Lest give away the deed If blackmail … Continue reading Guilty

“Raining Words On the Piano”

I am excited! excited! excited! honored, humbled, and – did I say excited? – that my poem, Perfection, arranged for piano by composer and pianist Margin Alexander, will be presented in concert February 27th in New York City alongside works by fourteen other international poets. I can’t be there in person but I provided a recording of myself speaking the poem. I’ll join the concert … Continue reading “Raining Words On the Piano”