At What Price?

Eleven days of relentless killing of innocent Ukrainians by a madman obsessed with rebuilding the glorious USSR and the West still dithers over whether to stop buying the madman’s oil.

I feel the pain of four dollar gas, but at least I’m not feeling the pain of family and neighbors dying in a hail of bullets, shrapnel, and, soon, what, gas? Mustard gas? Nuclear fallout? Mass executions? Can we rule out any madness in this age?

Enjoy your sushi, perfectly seared steaks, and craft beer. Enjoy bingeing on Netflix, the latest trends from the Gods of Holywood, and the distractions of our culture war. The West has lost the moral high ground as greed takes it into the opium dens of the hungry and rich East. Our politicians are getting fat off the fruits of the rising East, and our technocrats are, literally, building up the capabilities of the East’s armies. You can pretty much visualize where we’ll be in 20 years unless we suddenly experience another badly needed Great Awakening.

Thank God I’m 62 and don’t have kids. I wouldn’t live to see them suffer from the ignorance of the self-absorbed, self-righteous, and selfish generations that fumbled what the Greatest Generation sacrificed for.

If you think the first half of the 20th century was ugly, you’re in for a rude awakening.

4 thoughts on “At What Price?

  1. Could not agree more. Absurd for US and allies to keep yapping about our supposedly draconian sanctions when we are leaving out oil and gas. Not just absurd, but infuriating. Do you think the tide is starting to turn, and oil & gas will indeed be sanctioned soon? I really hope so.

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