Putin on the Blitz

Apologies to Irving Berlin's Puttin' on the Ritz

Have you seen the Russian troops
Wearing bloody combat boots?
As they’re marching on the West
Earning medals for Vlad’s chest.

Vlad’s seeking who knows what?
Looking for his billionaire’s cut?
Money’s no object in his war
Biden’s billions help kill more.

If you’re bored and don’t know where to go
Why not go and declare a war
Putin on the blitz

Sending children to their cold early deaths
As Ukrainian mothers take their final breaths
Putin on the blitz

Dressed up like that stoner Hunter Biden
Trying hard to be like Comrade Stalin
Yer killin’ it!

Come let’s mix where Hitler blitzed with tanks and Stuka bombers
Oh, those Huns!
Putin on the blitz

If you’re bored and don’t know what to do
Why don’t you blow up a reactor too
Nukin’ up the blitz!

Dubya looked into his blue eyes
and said he’s really just one of the guys
Putin fooled GDubya

Evil dressed up like a million dollar trooper
Guzzling Kharkiv til’ he’s in a stupor

Come let’s mix where Stalin blitzed with tanks and AK-47s
Kill them Red!
Putin on the blitz

If the land you’ve got’s not big enough
Look to the West it’s got enough
You need more room for acting tougher
The Ukraine would make the perfect buffer

Pretend you’re invading a sovereign state
To save those others from their fate
Send in assassins to murder for you
Turn your head (they work for who?)

Vlad, you’re sick inside and out with the morals of an ignorant lout
Cut it out!
Putin on the blitz

The way you’ve buddied up to evil Mao’s Red China
And groveled at Xi’s feet looks like you’re tryna’
Get his help 
Putin on a blitz

When you’re Red you’re better off dead
Than listening to voices in your head
Oh, pardon me we’re safe and free
Two mighty oceans between thee and me

Here’s 70 billions for your oil, thank Joe Biden for being your foil 
and helping
Putin with the blitz!

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