Hmmmm that feels so good

…just don’t cross your legs

Photo by John Rocha

Hmmmm that feels so good

stop wriggling around

I wish it would never stop

I have to come up for air sometime

not if it makes you stop

there’s something wrong with that statement

I don’t care. it feels soooo good to stretch and writhe around while you do that

well, I guess I can work around it. just don’t cross your legs…
…you have tiny breasts, you know

I knowww

tiny breasts bother you?

maybe if you called them small instead of tiny

you have small breasts, you know

I knowww

you wish they were bigger?


not all the time?

only when I look at them
…in the mirror
putting on my bra
by the pool
when they flatten when I lie on my back
when I bathe
when I put on body lotion
when I drink coffee
at the bar
when men stare

whoa! whoa there little dogie. anybody I know?


I want names

search me

I have. they’re not in there

you’re out of luck

back to business. sneaky how you changed the subject

I didn’t change the subject. you did

hmmphh. so, they’re pretty much on your mind all the time

well, they’re not on my chest all the time

I know how you feel

no, you don’t

yes, I do


I wish I had a ten inch penis

ten inches? that’s funny!


why would you want a ten inch penis?

don’t women like men with long penises?

it sounds better if you just call it a dick

don’t women like men with long dicks?

why should they?

longer, harder, deeper, don’t stop, oh, don’t stop?

it’s not the size, it’s h…

…how you use it, I know, I know. that’s such a cliché

so is a ten inch dick

if it was good enough for Aerosmith to sing about

how do you know that’s what they were singing about?…
…don’t look at me like that

it’s thick, not long. I wish I had a ten inch long dick. six inches is too small


have you ever seen a porn star with a small — short — dick?

have you ever seen a porn star with small boobs

longer is better


women like it longer

women like it longer in length of TIME


honestly, is that what men always thought we meant?…
…longer as in length?

I suppose so

wait ’til I tell my girlfriends

stop laughing. I can’t wash your feet when you move around…
…give me the other one.

Hmmmm that feels so good
…don’t stop, ohhhh don’t stop
I love you, babe

I love you, too, silly woman

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