Photo by antonio filigno Concealed, earthy memberhidden ‘neath modest skinburied by bashful eyesbidden there in fear of sin,yet let a growing urge recall to mind the farmingof the seed without which,good lord, no mouths tofeed; but do not let the urge subside ‘neath somemoral ambiguity; take heart,take hand, maneuver ’tilit come and spill and fillthe well from which all pleasure spring Continue reading Eruption


Soft curl of a sweeping wave breaking on a sandy beach; crystal clear dew drops dangling from a leaf; wind- whispers leaning on pond grass with feather-tips softly sighing for the dragonflies hovering near; random dreams while dozing in the warmth of a sunny day in May; rose petals’ intimate, layering spirals; the delicate filigree of your ear; soft caress in the touch of your … Continue reading Perfection

The Melody Of Your Soul

Originally posted on Writers Envy:
I read music in your eyes, Delicate chorale filled your voice, The melody of your soul, Breathed hymn into my life; Each movement measured note by note, Dancing fingers played across my keys, ‘Twas not a symphony filled the silence, But a quartet caressing strings; Hosannas rose into the night, Angelic host proclaimed, Cantata filled my ears, Notes kissed me… Continue reading The Melody Of Your Soul