My Parents Were The Genesis

Writers Envy

My parents were the genesis
Of all I have become,
Their hopes and dreams,
Vested in the son.

Father gave me purpose
Skill at work and play,
Mother gave me love,
And held me every day

My parents made the sacrifice
To help me find my way,
Their toil and sweat,
Inspiration to this day.

I haven’t always met those hopes,
I’ve stumbled and I’ve strayed,
I left the path,
But all those debts I’ve paid.

I have the pride of family
For the man I have become,
The hopes and dreams,
Wished upon the son.

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2 thoughts on “My Parents Were The Genesis

  1. This is PERFECT!!! It exactly encapsulates family and parents. Often wonder about parents of notorious criminals. Children immortalized by their deeds that am positive their parents did not teach them, or did they???? One of the most sobering (and a tad trite, but wasn’t aware of that at the time) poems was one I found in my youth. Two moms are talking in heaven and as the poem goes on you learn one is Jesus’ mom. The last line is by the second mom. She is asked to tell about her son. She replies, ‘He was Judas Iscariot, I am his mother.’

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    1. Thank you, Kris. I think parents really do want their kids to do better that they did themselves. I’m sure the evil ones, though, wrench their parents’ hearts. Judas Iscariot mother? Wow. I wonder if he grew up bad? 🤔

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