Tinnitus is a Bitch

You harridan, you, you hissing witch

Photo Credit: Will Pennington

Oh you harridan, you hissing hag
your constant kvetching connives
to wither worry wear my nerves
ignobly ignoring the pain your
purple preying pollution plays
upon my brain while stealthily
stealing my sanity

A snake awakes to hiss alarm to
warn away a wandering arm or hand
or leg and only bites in fear of fateful
deed, but you you harridan you
hissing hag you ringing rag, you
cranky cricket chirping in my ear
I cannot rid you from my head

Oh, you wicked wanton witch
I cannot see you I cannot stand
you I cannot abide you but you ride
me ragged when I close my eyes
and sleep deprived I count the treble
tones you use to taunt my tired mind
so, useless is it to ignore you

Oh, for the days when ear fed
sounds sang softly in my head
like nursery rhymes from mama’s
lips instead of raucous ringing
raging like some trumpeter’s sharp-
pitched horn hitting highs that
shatter wine glass into shards

The overwhelming urge to scream to
cry relief! to beg to cry! to cry! to cry!
for ears I gave to sounds of war that
now come home to roost and root
inside my head as payment for a lack
of double muffled ears that might have
soothed your savage breast

I sometimes feel a welcome death might
give the peace I crave from constant
nagging noises sharp and piercing through
my nights and days but, worry not, I am
not alone yes thousands suffer alongside me
suffering in silence
how ironic, don’t you think?

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