The Melody Of Your Soul

Updated. Originally posted in January 2016.

Writers Envy

I read music in your eyes,
Delicate chorale filled your voice,
The melody of your soul,
Breathed hymn into my life;

Each movement measured note by note,
Dancing fingers played across my keys,
โ€˜Twas not a symphony filled the silence,
But a quartet caressing strings;

Hosannas rose into the night,
Angelic host proclaimed,
Cantata filled my ears,
Notes kissed me in refrain;

No interval could unpair us,
Nor dissonance render harsh,
The canon of desire played,
Crescendo in each march;

And when the ruby of your lips
Pressed loveโ€™s red blush to mine,
Tympaniโ€™s thrumming pulsing beat,
Marked two hearts beating side by side in time.

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33 thoughts on “The Melody Of Your Soul

  1. A symphony of words sharing love. What an incredibly fortunate couple this is. Magical. “breathed hymn into my life” So often hymns are full of lyrics and tones expressing a spiritual love and you added into a romantic love. Bravo, Will. Bravo!

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  2. I loved it. The extended music metaphor replicated by the symphony of sounds your word choice creates as well as the melodic rhythm. Perhaps the poem could end at side? It keeps the rhythm balanced and fluid. Or maybe you disagree? Great poem nonetheless

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      1. I’ve never thought about this point of view: soothing the soul. But it definitely enable me to keep my memories and feelings, do not let them go with the time. That’s why I like it


      2. Haha Good! Although, I find writing lyrics difficult almost to the point of depression…. “She’s that Girl” is my latest attempt at writing a song. I have a friend putting it to music.

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    1. I’ve traveled with the US Navy and Air Force my whole life. I was born in Turkey, lived in the Netherlands, Spain, Sicily, Philippines, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Panama and Japan. I like to think my writing is made better by having lived among so many peoples.

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  3. Such an adventurous life. My compliments! Of course, writing gets better with so many experiences. In writing, I like the style of Hemingway and Bukowski, coarse and concise, bare

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