Sasi Part II

“You’ll have to tell me how to make a gimlet.” Tom spoke from behind the bar as he opened the refrigerator. “I may have tasted one, but I’ve never made one.” He removed a pitcher of sangria and poured a glassful. “I think I’ll have sangria instead of beer.”

“One part sweetened lime juice, four parts gin,” Sasi said. “Add a slice of lime too. No rocks. Help yourself.” She picked up the phone. “I’m sending downstairs for lunch; what would you like?”

“Whatever you have is fine.”

“Okay. Sandwiches it is.” She joined Tom after placing the order.

“Umm. Perfect. I thought you said you never made a gimlet? You will be my bartender.”

“Cocktails are like women: one part beauty, four parts temper. Add a slice of sweetness.”

“Interesting theory. Rocks or no?”

“Rocks. Every relationship is rocky.”

“Do you speak from experience?”

“Have you ever been in a smooth relationship?”

“Completely smooth? No. But no one is perfect, and forgiveness is the key to happiness, is it not?”

“Only if one can forgive himself.”

“Uh oh. That sounds deep when we should be lighthearted. Let’s save that for another conversation, shall we?”

“By all means.”

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