Reblog: The Archivist– Lenara Lenquil Adventures– Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of Anna Dobritt’s exciting Lenara Lenquil Adventures Trilogy!

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Chapter 2

“Here we are. Home sweet home.” Lennie unlocked the door to her apartment. “Bathroom is at the end of the hall; towels and washcloths in the cabinet under the sink.” She set several bags on the floor.

“Wow! You have more books here!”
Lennie smiled. “Feel free to read any of them, but use a bookmark. You’ll sleep in the spare bedroom. The other spare room is my study. Go take a shower and put on your new clothes. After that, we’ll go eat, maybe do more shopping.” Lennie kicked off her shoes.

Nickie rooted through the bags. “Thank you, Lennie.”

“You’re welcome, Nickie. Now hurry. I’m getting hungry.” Lennie headed to the study; mail and bag clutched in one hand. Among the bills and ads, a light blue envelope caught her eye. She ripped it open and pulled out a new ID card. “Looks like Brant came…

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