When it snows,
lips closed, eyes
shut tight, seeing
you, behind the mist,
you’re so smooth, slip
away, beating breast, burning
up, snow-capped peak, kiss your lips,
let it go, push away, catching
flakes, on your tongue,
melting snow,
on your cheek,
wipe away,
tired me

14 thoughts on “Snow-Capped

      1. One of the neatest things about your writing is how it haunts. No, bad word. It lingers. Not like a fragrance…maybe simmer is the word I’m looking for. Ages after I read something you’ve written, a phrase or idea jumps out again and I am startled by another understanding.

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  1. Quite a steamy snow scene! I like how it mostly can be taken at surface value or deeper (pun intended), as innocent or as naughty as the reader’s mood and mind. It can be quite exhausting after climbing such a mountain… I reaaallly love your very seemingly intentional, creative line breaks and how that artistic choice brings out the embedded oxymorons and affects the pacing; it entices me to reread it so I can take it all in (enough with the erotic puns already). I’m assuming the shape of the poem is intentional, with very precise peak placement and arrival: very impressive. Of course, I am also seduced by the sounds, such as the “smooth slip” and other delicious devices. A successful, sensual, sexy performance by you in your experimentation in a new genre.

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