Life Sucks…May I Have a Glass of Whine?

Live in El Dorado
And your pocket’s full of gold
You live a life of ease and peace of mind
You pay the taxman whining
And you cuss at the TV
Your favorite singer’s twerking
While you quaff your pale ale
Your lobster bisque is tepid
And the ice in your tea melted

World crashed around you
Your day is beyond ruined
Your heart is so damn heavy in your chest
Your shrink is on vacation
Your masseuse has arthritis
And your kids have not yet chosen their pronouns

Rant about unfairness
And you ask yourself the question
“Why are bad things always happening to me?”
You cry onto the shoulders 
Of your Facebook loyal readers
And they comfort you with hearts and huggy faces 

Live on people’s handouts
Your kids don’t get no learning
There ain’t no schools poor enough for them
Their stomachs’ always bloated
They don’t get enough to eat
The water that they drink is hot and muddy

Peace Corps’ on the way
Bringing Western cheer and hope
The people of the USA are with you
Their AC keeps them nice and cool 
They give you pics of presidents
To hang upon your.....wall?

Get all smug and happy
Knowing that they’ve done their part
They’ve adopted little Oswald 
For nineteen bucks a month
They kaffeeklatsch at Starbucks
Drinking foofoo coffee lattes
And making plans for next year’s cruise to Palma

See no future beyond today
No hope for food or bedstraw
Your tinroof radiates the awful heat
You send the kids to scrounge around
The dumps and trash and sewers
For whatever might bring in a coin or two

Never heard of Wendy’s 
Chik-Fil-A, or Burger King,
They’ll never even dream of Santa Claus
They’ll grow up poor and hungry
Living hand to mouth each day
And hope their leaders don't cut off their heads

Western World has taught them how to beg.

9 thoughts on “Life Sucks…May I Have a Glass of Whine?

    1. Haha 🙂 Thanks! I am definitely a Capitalist. However, having traveled the globe all my life courtesy of the USAF and USN, I have seen firsthand those who really have something to cry about. I guess it’s relative though; one can still be poor at 60K a year while the neighbor across the tracks pulls in six or seven figures.

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      1. And yet, that’s the very aspect which made the idea of “America” truly great: advancement based upon objective merit rather subjective, superficial and, quite frankly arbitrary notions of gender pronouns. However, If you’ve spent any time at all reading the articles published at Newsspell, surely, you’re already aware that is merely one element – including the “pandemic” – of a grand plan unfolding, an economic and social transformation which the ruling elite families had planned decades in advance.

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    2. Almost a year later, Stephen, and we see what you’ve been writing about actually happening so that even the blind see it. The power in power is drunk with power and is intent on doing whatever it takes to stay in power. The Constitution frays a little more with every unlawful intrusion into what was once considered safe territory. What happened in Florida last week was huge. Huge and terrible. Where we go if power remains in current hands after 2024 is too horrible to think of. God help us, my friend.

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      1. Thanks for the kind acknowledgement. The deception goes a great deal deeper than most are capable of perceiving. Algorithms, bots, and trolls – most of whom, although their identities are well concealed, I’ve managed to identify – are working overtime to make certain the information published here never receives wider distribution. The same goes for my books on Amazon. I know for a fact; algorithms have been routinely manipulated and reviews hidden to manipulate the star ratings. Speaking of which, I wish you continued success in your own writing career. To my mind, there are few nobler professions – the cherished gift of the printed word – one could choose to pursue.

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